The Memorial Garden will house a memorial to honour the suffering of the war’s victims and will provide a quiet place for reflection and remembrance. The garden is connected to the main museum building by the Peace Bridge and will form an important part of the visitor experience. The garden is a place where visitors can take time to think more deeply about why the conflict happened, its impact and how it can be prevented in the future.

In August 2011 the Peace Museum launched a public competition for the design of a memorial. The competition was an opportunity to allow local artists and designers to contribute to the planning and design of the Museum. The Peace Museum hopes that the final design will form part of the nation’s identity and will represent the way people think about war and their hope and vision of lasting peace in the country.

The Museum’s Project Management Team worked with civil society groups to promote the competition, and eventually over 20 entries were received. The panel of judges decided upon a design that incorporated the ideas of several different entries.