A Kamajor initiator

in his attack at Potoru village in the Pujehun District.

Peace keepers

Peace keepers

One of the R.U.F. airfields

guided by the civilian along the Zimmi highway, Makple Chiefdom.

Mass graves at Bo Government Hospital

which was erected by the I.R.C/S/L Soibsired by U.N.O.P

Mass in Moyamba town

Kaiyamba Chiefdom, Moyamba District.

Mass grave at Tombodu Village

in the Kono District.

Civil defence force and UN soldiers

during dismament in Daru.

Foday Sankoh

Mosquito addressing R.U.F. fighters in Koidu town Kailahun District.

Kamajors and one UN Officer

in Kamajors head office in Daru.

A UNAMSIL Officer and R.U.F. fighters

pose for a snap short just after disarmament in Daru.

General Opada

Issa Sesay and augustine Gbao during disarmament in Lungi.

Chief initiator Kondowa

and his newly recruit at Base Zero.

Kamajors at Base Zero

pose for a snap shot.

Alie Kondowa

and his battalion commandor pose for a snap shot.


assemble for disarmament at UNAMSIL headquarters in Kailahun.

Civil defence forces (GBETEN)

and R.U.F. fighters Magbosie Hill Mile 91.

Civil defence forces

in their training coup secrbewn.

Civil Defence forces

and UN soldiers in Daru.

UN soliders and civilians

in UN deployment centre in Kailahun.

Denis 'Super' Migo

and fighters in Koidu 1992.

Disarmament centre

in Kailahun.

War victims

in the Kailahun District Hospital.

Kamajors fighters

at Base Zero.

Jubilation of civilians

R.U.F. and A.F.R.C in Kamajors when UNAMSIL visited Daru.

R.U.F. fighters mining Diamonds

to support the war in Kono.

Arms and Armimation

air lighted to C.D.F. Base Koriobondo Town.

Two miles from Kenema

women in the local attire call on the R.U.F. at this Junction pleading for peace.

Civil Defence Forces

jubilate on the arrival of chief Sam Hinga Norman.

Mass graves at Kondobotahun

in Kenema Town, Kenema District.

Julius Maada Bio

and FOdat Saybana Sankoh in Yamasoko.

These young men were arrested

by the A.F.R.C. and R.U.F. at State Avenue.

R.U.F. rebels

just from war in their training camp Zogoda.

UNAMSIL soldiers

taken parada at Kono.

Corpses of victims

of the Mabala incident.

UNAMSIL soldiers (3)

taken parada at Kono.

Foday Saybana Sankoh

and disarmament team arrival in Boridu talking to fighters.

A kamajors

in his fighting attire in Pujehun.

Banyamoe Kamajors

preparing to attack the Kuwait camp.

Unknown man

and a Kamajors hunter.

Icon of Peace

"Peace was born here", Tonkolili District.

Grafton War Wounded Camp

Grafton War Wounded Camp

Grafton War Wounded Camp

Grafton War Wounded Camp

John Paul Koroma

John Paul Koroma

President Kabbah

President Kabbah

RUF disarmament process

RUF disarmament process

Special Court

Special Court