Name of amputee: Borboh Jeff Kamara

Chiefdom/District: Gbendembu Ngowahun, Bombali District
Place amputated: Gbendembu
Date amputated: 25 May 1998
Story relating to amputation


I was sixteen years old when both hands were amputated by the RUF and AFRC renegade soldiers in my village. I was then a form three pupil of the Gbendembu Baptist Secondary School. The rebels attacked the town in the morning while I was preparing for school. I was arrested and beaten severely for, according to them, I was a member of the Kamajor Civil Defence Force (CDF). This is despite my vehement denials. They then cut off both hands and told to go to the then President Kabbah to give me another pair of hands. I had to walk seven miles to the nearest health centre.