The Peace Museum project was launched under the recommendation of the Government of Sierra Leone in 2011, requesting that upon closure of the Special Court for Sierra Leone, part of the site be dedicated as a memorial to the war.

The Peace Museum will stand as a testament to the suffering of the war’s victims and aims to ensure that the events of the war and the efforts made to build a lasting peace are properly documented to preserve the integrity and authenticity of an indelible part of the country’s history.

The people of Sierra Leone have dedicated themselves to never allowing such violence to revisit the country. As an institution, the Peace Museum will provide a physical and intellectual space to question the causes of the conflict and to discuss the nation’s ongoing commitment to preventing future conflicts. It will strengthen people’s understanding of the value of peace and monitor the ongoing process of reconciliation.

During the post- war period there has been widespread acknowledgement that human rights abuses were one of the conflict’s main causes, epitomized by the structural weaknesses of the national judicial system. The Museum will also aim to promote the culture of human rights in Sierra Leone.